Founded in 1998 in Aliso Viejo by Dick Fisher and Bob Quinn, Cosmos Italian Kitchen was born. Based on their desire to leave the corporate experience behind, they created a concept that reflected their desire to personally serve their guests and community.

Cosmo’s IS homemade Italian cuisine, freshly-baked bread and fine-tasting wine, cocktails and beer offered at the best affordable quality. Several nights a week we also hold theme nights which include, “Sunday & Monday Noodle Nights”, “Tuesday Night Fundraisers”, “Wednesday Ravioli Night”.

Cosmo’s IS hospitality personified! Our family of employees pride themselves in serving you with the utmost enthusiasm and concern. As a guest, you feel the connection between our staff and the dedication to exceed your expectations when dining with us.

Cosmo’s IS a great facilitator of involvement and growth within the local community! From our “Tuesday Night Fundraisers” and our community catering programs, we offer support, all local schools, churches and charities.

Cosmo’s IS friendship! We rejoice in every opportunity in which we are able to meet new friends! It is a very special honor for us when Cosmo’s is chosen as the place in which friends come together!

Most importantly, Cosmo’s IS all about family! We make it our personal mission to celebrate family in every aspect of what we do. From our immediate and extended families to our family of employees to the loved ones that you hold dear, we strive to create an atmosphere that you would find at the home of friendly neighbor.

All of this makes Cosmo’s YOUR neighborhood Italian restaurant!
Come see us soon so that we can properly welcome you to our family!


Our restaurant was named after Cosmo Cannuli, a Sicilian born man who was the stepfather to Bob Quinn and his family and a devoted husband to Bob’s Italian mother Vicki.  Cosmo was a perfect example of giving, supporting and caring that exampled the values we wanted to live by in our new venture.

Our Las Flores restaurant evokes the Quinn family history and the true spirit of family and hospitality which our guests reward with their loyalty.  Come in and feel the spirit of Cosmo, Vicky and the Quinn family.


The PAISANO CLUB is a reward program. You will receive a membership card. For every visit, you start earning points. Once your rewards reach $20 (200 points) your card is activated. This can accumulate.

NOTE: If you order online, bring in your card when you pick up your food and we will add the points to your card.